EPC - Roof Top Solar and Commercial Projects

Benefits of installing a Solar power plant

  • Switching over to a renewable energy source is the need of the hour and solar power offers the best option.
  • Power produced from Solar PV Modules is 100% emission free and hence it is environment  friendly.
  • Solar PV Modules have no moving parts and so require no maintenance.
  • Modules are available in varied dimensions enabling space saving installations with maximum output from a minimum required area.
  • The continuous falling prices of solar cells and components and benefits and incentives provided by state and central governments make it an attractive investment and an affordable choice for residences and business owners.
  • By minimizing grid consumption, each individual can reduce their carbon dependence. We offer the best quality Solar PV installations to our customers and our systems will be installed by certified installers.
  • Book a free solar site analysis today. Our experts will visit you to evaluate your available space and budget and walk you through the installation process, available incentives and how net-metering works.