Off-Grid System

As the name suggests, this power system is not connected in any way to the electricity grid. This system uses batteries instead that help balance out any shortfall and excesses in production and demand.

To ensure that the users do not suffer any inconvenience when the solar panels are unable to produce power and the batteries are discharged, there is an electric generator that can be added, as part of the overall system. This generator would serve as the power source during periods of short or irregular power production and or excessive demand on the power produced.



The off-grid solar system is not connected to the power grid but instead the energy produced during the day from the sun’s rays, is stored in batteries. This system is efficient for those homes that cannot have access to the electricity produced by the grid and is therefore completely independent of it. The power stored in the batteries is used by homes at night and at other times when the solar panels are unable to generate as much electricity as is required.

This kind of solar system is normally customized to suit the electricity requirements of the home since there is no standard or typical off-grid system. Our experts will ensure that the system will be completely tailored to the specific needs of your home and usage and in addition, our off-grid systems are strong and robust and built to withstand the most inclement weather conditions.

Let us explain how this system works in four easy steps:

Step-1: The power hub is where the solar rays are converted to electricity for use or as stored electricity in the batteries. This hub therefore manages the flow of electricity.

Step-2: The batteries are an essential component of this system as they store any excess electricity that is then used when the solar panels are not generating electricity for any reason.

Step-3: You could also opt for the backup generator that will provide the power to recharge the batteries in the event that bad weather or peak demand continues for a while.

Step-4: No changes are required to the present wiring or other appliances in your home as it is possible for this system to combine with the existing system. All your home appliances will operate with the electricity generated.

We at With JANGID Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. provide the best solar power systems that are supported by excellence in customer service and in-depth knowledge of our experts. They will provide the appropriate advice depending on your home electricity needs.