JANGID Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd.(JSEPL) is a solar power system – design and installation – company that specializes in a plethora of solar powered energy solutions. Our mission is to ensure that solar energy becomes an affordable source even for the masses by tightly managing our own costs so that the savings pass on to you – our valued customers.

It is our endeavor to provide you with the best systems and we therefore only use the highest quality components manufactured by Tier 1 and 2 manufacturers only. This ensures that the investment you make in our solar systems will continue to serve you for at least 25 years. The in-depth knowledge and attention to detail of our experts insures the efficiency of the system you decide to install.

Superior customer service backs our high quality products and components. We endeavour to reduce customer effort to the minimal and take complete responsibility of the entire process right from product explanation to installation and even beyond. Our aim is to build forge robust and valued relationships with our customers and provide the same level of dedication and customization to all our projects.

We have received strong and regular referrals from you our customers and we are glad that we enjoy your confidence and trust.

JANGID Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd is 100% Indian owned and has years of experience in developing solar solutions, project management, innovation, finance options and helping the development of the local industries. We have the capability to manage any kind of system and installation and lead all our projects to fruition through the highest standards of performance and service quality.


JANGID Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. in partnership with —- (Installation Partner) offers 5 years workmanship warranty on our solar installation from the day of installation. It includes fixing any issues caused by our solar install this includes water damage or roof damage & any kind of faulty wires, isolators or Circuit breakers for up to 5 years if the cause is our fault. It’s not included any product warranty as it comes separately from manufacture.

Proud member of Australian Solar Council

Workmanship Warranty

Proud member of Australian Solar Council Australian Solar Council Workmanship Warranty Please connect with us – give us a call on the number provided or fill in the enquiry form and you will receive a quick reply from a company representative.